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Fouled Out

July 30th, 2001

When spring-term classes began at Indiana University last January, Murray Sperber was understandably on edge. Sperber has taught English and American studies at the university for nearly three decades, and until recently his life followed the generally peaceful contours of a scholarly existence. Dropping in on one of his classes, one might find him analyzing the language… Read This Article »

The Kept University

March 30th, 2000

By EYAL PRESS and JENNIFER WASHBURN IN the fall of 1964 a twenty-one-year-old Berkeley undergraduate named Mario Savio climbed the steps of Sproul Hall and denounced his university for bending over backwards to “serve the need of American industry.” Savio, the leader of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, accused the university of functioning as “a factory that turns… Read This Article »

The Voice of Economic Nationalism

July 30th, 1998

IN recent years numerous writers have predicted that the global spread of capitalism will render the notion of economic nationalism obsolete. Yet in American politics globalization may be inducing the opposite effect. Although the American left has traditionally been wary of nationalism, over the past few years an array of progressive organizations, from the AFL-CIO… Read This Article »